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Speaking is a great way to share your experience in advancing digital transformation and applying technology and data for humanitarian and development impact and stimulate discussion about the challenges and best practices surrounding their use. The 12th ICT4D Conference is a cross-sectoral event that brings together presentations from different regions. The agenda will offer 80+ sessions, from high-level keynotes to hands-on training sessions, divided into three Conference tracks:

  • Digital to Tackle Wicked Problems
  • Data Innovations for Impact
  • Local Leadership for a Digital Future

For more information on topics and formats for 2024 please view the conference tracks and formats.

Please note, that sales pitches for solutions or initiatives will not be accepted.

The Consortium aims to feature a diversity of voices and perspectives at the ICT4D Conference.

Applications are particularly welcomed from women, youth and people with disabilities.

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Submitting: Once you start your application you can save your form and complete it until December 20, 2023.

Once submitted, you are not able to amend or edit your form.

Data policy: We will use the information you provide in the application to review and select sessions. We need to collect contact details and other information from you in order to process your application, inform you of the results, and keep you updated with important logistical details related to participation in the ICT4D Conference. We will also ask you if you wish to opt-in to receive further updates and developments related to the ICT4D Conference and other events. You may unsubscribe from this at any time.For more information on how we use your data please view our privacy policy.

You will be asked to provide the following information about your session: an abstract summary, detailed description and method, lessons learned, and results and impact.

Please submit your application in English and ensure it is clearly written and presented. We are not able to provide translation services for the ICT4D Conference.

ICT4D Conference proceedings take place in English. We may offer some sessions in French subject to participant interest and space availability in the agenda. You can indicate whether you wish to present in French on your application form.

We encourage to submit sessions including the voices of program end-users. A limited number of 'plus one' passes are available for this. You may opt to apply for one of these in the speaker application.

Please only submit the sessions as outlined in your contract and/or dicussed with the Conference Team..


  • Speakers are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and conference registration fees. Please also ensure you obtain a Ghanaian entry visa, if applicable
  • Please submit your session materials by February 29, 2024. Please use an accessible presentation format. We may make minor changes for layout and accessibility purposes


  • The 12th ICT4D Conference will be held at the Alisa Hotel North Ridge (21 Dr Isert St, Accra, Ghana)
  • All conference rooms will be equipped with a display screen, laptop, and internet connection. PA equipment will be available in larger rooms
  • Speakers are responsible for the provision of all peripheral equipment including adaptors, convertors, and cable connectors for use with any additional equipment
  • Presentations will be uploaded to the conference laptops
  • Please ensure you upload your presentation onto our website by February 29, 2024

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