2024 ICT4D Conference Tracks & themes

Track 1:

Digital to Tackle Wicked Problems/Global Challenges

Tackling "wicked problems" – socially complex, often contradictory, and ever-evolving – demands teamwork, bold experimentation, and learning from every twist and turn. This track unites experts to showcase how digital tools can bridge divides, not widen them, as we navigate these intricate global challenges.


  • Food security & agriculture 
  • Climate change adaptation & mitigation 
  • Digital health 
  • Conflict, peacebuilding, social cohesion 
  • Humanitarian response
  • Youth engagement & employment 
  • Education
  • Digital inclusion 
  • Digital Cash

Track 2:

Data Innovations for Impact

Our ability to leverage data soars, fueling a growing appetite for information alongside a maturing understanding of data subject rights. But amidst this data deluge, many development organizations grapple with effectively utilizing their vast datasets. This track equips them with strategies to harness data's potential, navigating the evolving ethical landscape.


  • Innovations in using geospatial data 
  • AI & machine learning for social good 
  • Responsible data governance & management  
  • Usability & reliability of off-the-shelf solutions 
  • Data rights
  • From M&E to impact 

Track 3:

Local Leadership for a Digital Future

Building responsible, sustainable, and locally-owned digital foundations takes center stage in this track. Digital public infrastructure – the bedrock of equitable digital transformation – faces hurdles like capacity gaps, funding challenges, and cybersecurity threats. We'll delve into solutions for overcoming these obstacles, ensuring everyone can connect and access the benefits of the digital world.


  • Digital public infrastructure, digital public goods 
  • Sustainability 
  • Local leadership 
  • Digital capacity building 
  • Privacy & cyber security 
  • Connectivity 


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