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Calling first timers to say, Hi!

Attending the ICT4D Conference for the first time? Introduce yourself.

Mr. Rogelio Jr. Alvarez

Hi. I am so glad that I had this opportunity to join and attend this conference. I have a lot of takeaways to bring home with me from this experience. Thanks!

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Edmore Chizororo Hello, my name is Edmore Chizororo from Catholic Relief Services Zimbabwe. It is my honour to be attending the ICT4D conference for the first time. Hope to engage, network, and learn from you all. Many thanks
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Richard Allotey Hi everyone, this is my first time
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Richard Allotey Hi
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Benjamin Fiafor Hello to everyone and Farm Radio International is presenting during the two days
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Courtney Moxley

Hi everyone, this will be my first time at ICT4D and I am looking so forward to it. The 3 tracks are brilliant topics and so relevant. See you all there!

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Eric Couper

Hello, awesome fellow conference goer! I'm shocked and ashamed to admit this is my first time attending the ICT4D Conference, but I'm so pumped to be heading to Ghana shortly.

Throughout my career, I've built a whole bunch of ODK forms, dug holes to digitally map soils, developed health supportive supervision systems, provided technology advice to social enterprises, and co-founded an Ethiopian organic agriculture company. These days, I lead the digital team at the amazing International Youth Foundation where we support young people to transform their lives. Our digital work involves SBCC, data support, eLearning, youth-centered design, and digital skilling. 

Digital Development | International Youth Foundation ( 

Learn more from my colleague, Obert during the session on Using Tech To Help Youth Into Work!


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